Site Progress

On this page, we’ll regularly provide updates on the progress of the project throughout the construction works. Scroll down to read how the site has progressed from enabling works to where it is today.

For more detail, you can download all previous editions of the 21M newsletter at the links below:

June 2021

Over the past few months, works on the 21 Moorfields project have included:

  • The progression of steelwork across both the East and West building. Works on the main steel frame are due to be completed by July. Further information has been provided on the West Building via webinar, which you can watch on the events page.
  • The progressing of concreting across the site. All concreting to the large floor plates will be finished by mid-August.
  • Cladding has continued on the North and South elevations of the building. Cladding works will commence on the East and West elevations in September.
  • Inside the building, mechanical and electrical, and drylining works continue to progress.

Key upcoming dates are:

  • Moor Lane Bridge Reconnection: On Saturday 5th June, works will be taking place to reconnect Moor Lane Bridge to 21 Moorfields. This will involve jacking the bridge to put new steel connections in position. The works are taking place on a Saturday, as the gate at the end of Moor Lane will be closed to restrict access. The Barbican Residents car park will remain accessible, with only short periods of time, during the jacking activity, where pedestrians and vehicles will be held back by traffic marshals for their own safety. This will happen during normal Saturday working hours.
  • Tower Crane Works: Over the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th July works will be taking place to remove tower crane 4 and erect tower crane 5. These works will all be taking place on the far East side of site – the furthest point away from Willoughby House. We do not anticipate these works to be disruptive, but measures will be put in place to minimise any impact, including the use of soft blow hammers wherever practicable. Further information on these works were provided at the most recent Barbican Residents meeting, which can be watched on the events page.

February 2021

January 2021

Over the last half of 2020, there has been continued progress on the 21 Moorfields project, including:

  • Steelwork and Concreting: Continuation of progression of permanent steelwork and concreting across site up to Level 12. A major milestone reached for the steelwork was the locking of the arches and the removal of the temporary steelwork on the East of the site – this means that the structure is now fully supported on the piles.
  • Fore Street: Utility works were completed in Fore Street and Fore Street Avenue.
  • Tower Crane Works: There have been multiple tower crane alterations, to increase the height of the tower cranes, therefore ensuring that we can continue to lift steelwork into higher positions on the building.
  • Cladding: The cladding commenced with the installation of pre-cast concrete panels along the North elevation of the site, adjacent to City Point and Tenter House.
  • Hoarding Alterations: Site hoarding was altered along Moor Lane to create a new pit lane.

Works are continuing throughout 2021, with all major dates and activities covered in this document.

June 2020

Since the beginning of 2020 works have included:

  • A re-organisation in logistics routes to allow more offloading points around the site.
  • Continual removal of the temporary steelwork.
  • Progression of the permanent steelwork across the site.
  • Commencement of the concreting works on 19th February.
  • Utility works in Fore Street Avenue and Fore Street.

Works were temporarily suspended on 25th March to allow time for working methodology to be adjusted in line with the new Covid-19 government guidance.

Works re-commenced on 6th April, adopting new measures to ensure the safety of the workforce on site. These measures include:

Travel: Wherever possible, workers coming to site are avoiding public transport, and working alongside our team to look at alternative options.

Welfare Area: Social distancing measures are being implemented in our welfare areas, with a grid system being utilised to ensure that everyone remains at least a 2 metres distance. Use of toilets are regulated and a thorough cleaning regime is in place.

Site: All works on sire are also maintaining social distancing regulations. This is a huge behavioural change, so we are regularly reminding individuals of the importance of this to ensure everyone’s safety.

Personal Hygiene: We continue to promote the importance of personal hygiene.


Upcoming works in June include:

Steelwork: Permanent steelwork erection continues to progress across the site.

Utility Works on Fore Street Avenue and Fore Street: As part of the planned series of managed road works, Phase 1 in Fore Street Avenue has now been completed. A small section of footpath along the site boundary will remain closed for future works, but otherwise, Fore Street is now accessible.

Phase 2 works in Fore Street commences at the end of May. This involves a road closure in Fore Street between the corner of Fore Street Avenue and the turn into Moor Lane which will be in place for approximately 8-10 weeks. All vehicles are still able to access Fore Street Avenue directly from London Wall, and Moor Lane via Wood Street from London Wall. Traffic Management Systems are in place.

Concreting: There will be concrete pouring taking place on Level 1 on the West side of the site for the first two weeks of June. Pouring on the East side of Levels 3 and 4 will commence in mid-late June.

Tower Crane Alterations: Works are needed to dismantle and re-assemble TC 3 & 4 on a higher level of the building and increase TC2 in height. These changes are necessary to allow us to continue to lift steelwork into position on higher levels of the building. These works will take place over the following periods:

TC3 & 4: Saturday 30th May – Sunday 6th June

TC2: Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st June

September & October 2019

Over the course of the summer months, works have included:

  • Completion of all works associated with the removal of the Moorfields Highwalk, including making good of the paving area
  • Removal of all the welfare cabins that have been in place. The welfare has now been moved to Tenter House

Over the course of the coming months, steelwork will be continuing, working from the East to the West of the site. We are progressing up to level 3, beginning to form the launching trusses. The first bowstring trusses are being put in place over October.

Other works will include:

Moorfields Pit Lane
We will be creating a pit lane on Moorfields, as another route for deliveries. This will take place once current works in the area are completed by the City of London.

Gantry Erection Works
Over the course of the end of September and October we will be erecting a steel protection gantry over the Moorgate Crossrail Station entrance. This is necessary for the protection of the public as our steelwork progresses to higher levels. For the erection of this gantry, we will be using the tower crane to move the necessary steel into position. Part of the work involved will need to take place over the weekend, as the Moorgate Station entrance needs to be closed for pedestrian safety. These works will be taking place from 9am – 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays in October.

Welding Activities
Following discussions at the Barbican Residents Meeting and a trial, we will be completing extended welding hours between 6pm and 8pm over periods of time during the winter months. The first period of working will be from 28th – 31st October. The reason for these extended hours is due to the heating and cooling cycle involved in welding. It is important to control this cooling process as much as possible to ensure that the weld does not fail. As we move into the winter months, it is harder for us to control this temperature change. The process for each weld will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, followed by approximately 1 minute of grinding. All areas will be acoustically enclosed to minimise any impact this may have.

More information

August 2019

Over the course of July, works have included:

  • Continuation of enabling works
  • Erection of Tower Crane 1 towards the west of the site
  • Progression of steelwork up to level 1
  • Temporary waterproofing of the retained deck
  • Commencement of metal decking to level 1
  • Continuation of works to remove the final section of the Moorfields Highwalk
  • Works to put a pedestrian gantry in place adjacent to Moor Place have been completed

Moving into August, the steelwork will continue to progress from the East to the West of the site. The steelwork will also be put in place to form a ‘tripond’ on the North East corner of the site. This is where the building will effectively ‘hang’ over the entrance to Moorgate Station in the finished design.

Other works in August will include:

  • Moorfields Highwalk
    The final section of the Moorfields Highwalk has now been removed. The removal of the bridge foundations using breakers is ongoing. This will lead to an increase in noise, but is being closely monitored. Acoustic protection is in place, and City of London reduced impact hours are being adhered to. These works are due to be complete very shortly.
  • Tower Crane Works
    There are some alterations due to be made to TC2 in order to increase the height of the crane. Due to the exclusion zones needed for safety reasons, these works will take place over the weekend. These works are now scheduled to take place over the weekend of the 7th / 8th September.
  • Welfare Relocation
    Our current welfare will be removed during the last week of August. This will involve vehicles collecting the welfare cabins out of hours. Exact details of this will be released in due course.

July 2019

Over the course of June, works have included:

  • Enabling works have been continuing,
  • Repositioning of the crane ballast on tower cranes 3 and 4 (see in photographs on the right).
  • Steelwork has been progressing up to Level 1.
  • Hoarding modifications are now complete, giving the hoarding a new look with Sir Robert McAlpine 150 year celebration colours.

Moving into July, the main steelwork will continue to progress, working from the East to the West of the site (Moorfields to Moor Lane). In addition, other works taking place include:

  • The erection of Tower Crane 1 on the weekend of 6th and 7th July.
  • Alterations being made to Tower Crane 2 in order to increase the height of the tower crane. These works will be taking place over a weekend due to the exclusion zones necessary for safety reasons.
  • Works on the Moorfields Highwalk will recommence, following some issues with noise levels. This will involve removing the concrete from the bridge using breakers; dismantling the bridge and staircase by cutting the steel and removing using the tower crane; and finally removing the foundations using breakers. Throughout this period there will be an increase in noise levels, but this will be closely monitored. Acoustic protection will be in place and City of London ‘reduced impact hours’ adhered to.

June 2019

Over the course of May, works have been continuing on the 21 Moorfields project. These works have included:

  • The establishment of the new site welfare facilities, and removal of the old facilities
  • The erection of Tower Cranes 3 and 4

A project milestone was reached on the 15th May, when the first pieces of permanent steel were installed on site. These photographs show the ‘baseplates’ to the piles that support the new steel – weighting 18 tonnes each!

Moving into June, we will be building upon the steelwork already in position, going up to Level 1, as well as begin steelworks on top of the Crossrail box.

Other works over the course of June will include:

  • Hoarding modifications will continue, giving the hoarding a new look with Sir Robert McAlpine 150 year celebration colours
  • The final section of the Moorfields Highwalk (adjacent to City Point) will be removed. This will take from mid-June to Early July and will involve a mixture of using handheld tools as well as the tower crane. As part of these works, New Union Street will be closed on the weekend of 15th and 16th June
  • On Sunday 2nd June we will be running the Tower Cranes on this day to put the anti-collision systems in place. This is taking place on a Sunday due to Health and Safety requirements as it cannot take place whilst other works are happening on site
  • Tower Crane 1: The final tower crane is due to be erected over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd June

An Invitation

In the lead up to the final Tower Crane erection, I would like to invite you to a Tower Crane Information event on Friday 21st June at 10am. This event will provide you with details of how a tower crane is put into position and gives you an opportunity to meet the team involved. It will also give you an idea of what to look for when the final tower crane goes up that weekend! Please get in touch if you would like to attend.

May 2019

Over the first two weeks of May, we mobilised our temporary welfare facilities on the west of the site. This has involved a change in the main site entrance from Moorfields to Moor Lane.

You will also notice that there are now three tower cranes on the project, with both Tower Crane 4 and Tower Crane 3 being erected over the past two weeks. Tower Crane 1 is due to be erected in mid-late June.

From mid-May we are also beginning the main structural steelwork, with the first piece of permanent steel arriving on to site.

April 2019

Sir Robert McAlpine successfully took possession of the 21 Moorfields project on 1st April. These photos were taken on the 1st April. Since then, enabling works have been taking place to prepare the site for the structural steel erection. These works have included early survey works and removal or the final elements of the piling grillage.

Shortly we will begin the mobilisation of our temporary welfare facilities on the west of the site. This will involve early morning deliveries via Moorfields between 6am and 8am for three days between 23rd and 25th April. Early mornings are necessary due to the large size of the loads, but unloading will not take place until normal working hours begin (8am).

In addition to this, over the course of April we will also continue with the survey works and will be removing concrete plinths. We will also be installing temporary works, which will involve the erection of steel frames across the site.

Looking further forward, over the course of April to June we will be erecting a further three tower cranes, bringing the total number of tower cranes on site to four. We will also be modifying Tower Crane 2 which is already erected on site. The position of these tower cranes can be seen on the diagram below.

The tower crane erections and modifications will take place over four weekends throughout May and June, with works taking place from 9am – 9pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The new tower cranes will be put into position by the existing tower crane, meaning there is no need for road closures.

The dates of the tower crane erections are as follows:

    • Tower Crane 4: 4th – 5th May 2019
    • Tower Crane 2 (modification): 11th – 12th May 2019
    • Tower Crane 3: 18th – 19th June 2019
    • Tower Crane 1: 15th – 16th June 2019

November 2018

The enabling works within the station that have been progressing for the last two years are approaching completion ready for the remaining permanent piles to be installed.

Preparation works for the continuation of the piling are progressing on site now. These preparation works include removal of old piles and any obstructions below ground followed by the installation of the permanent steel pile liners ready for the resumption of piling after the completion of the pile load test.

The pile test will be undertaken using a large steel truss that is being installed on site now ready for the test to start in the first week of September. At the completion of this test the piling rig will continue installing piles until the works are complete at the end of November 2018.